Prototype Seatpost

I have been toying with the idea of fabricating a custom seatpost for quite some time now and, I am happy to say that I’ve finally made a working prototype.  The main reason I wanted to build a custom post vs. buying an off the shelf model was the aesthetic appeal, the stainless steel top will be a great compliment to a stainless A-train.

A few product notes:

  • Saddle clamping hardware made by ENVE Composites
  • Carbon fiber post makes it competitively light, 20 grams lighter than a Thomson Elite!
  • Will eventually be offered in 17mm offset and zero offset
  • Price is yet to be determined but will probably be around $300
  • Seatpost will only be available to those who are purchasing a custom frame

Ideas for how this could be improved on?  Please contact me, I would love to hear your thoughts.


stainless seatpost topper

Prototype Post