Stainless Di2 Road

Date: February 5, 2012 Category: ,

Full stainless steel road frame made in Minnesota out of USA-made KVA stainless tubing, doesn’t get much better than that.  Bullet point highlights coming at you…  GO!

  • Internal Di2 compatible-  This frame will be getting the new Ultegra Ui2 group and I designed it to allow all the cables to be run cleanly through the inside of the frame.  Wiring holes on the front derailleur braze-on tab, on the rear dropout, and on the down tube means that visible Ui2 wires will be kept to a minimum.  I also incorporated full length internal routing for the rear brake cable.  Once built up it is sure to be one of the cleanest looking bikes out of the A-train Cycles shop.
  • Glass bead-blasted logos-  The ‘decals’ on this frame are not decals at all rather they are just a difference in surface texture.  After the frame is thoroughly brushed down with Scotch Brite pads paint masking is cut with a vinyl plotting machine and applied to the frame.  Next its to the sandblasting cabinet where the exposed letters are carefully blasted with glass beads into the surface of the frame.  Extreme care needs to be taken to not blast one spot for too long or the masking might be chewed up by the abrasive media.

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