I have about eight years of experience as a framebuilder, going back to my initial education at UBI. I focus on creating handcrafted bicycles and accessories that are organically suited to a rider’s goals, temperament and aesthetic sensibilities. While this has transformed into a business and my full time job, it was born from passion and love for cycling.

This is a one-man operation. Learning the framebuilding craft was somewhat self-indulgent — an outlet for my creativity, which developed through several years of working in a bike shop and living the cycling lifestyle. As my skills have matured I have put them to good use helping others translate their own creative visions into beautiful and functional bicycles and accessories.

I work with steel. Recent advancement and evolution have produced a material that gives the builder the opportunity to blends optimum performance with traditional beauty. This willingness to adopt the best of new technology allows A-train Cycles to retain stunning workmanship, without forcing the rider to use obsolete technology.

Have a look around, check out the blog, the gallery, and drop me a line if you’d like to talk about any potential projects. I respond quickly to emails and phone calls, and love talking about bikes.