Services & Repairs

While I love making brand new custom bikes, I’m just as happy to keep the old ones rolling.

Braze-ons Installed

Pricing includes parts and labor.

  • Water Bottle Bosses (pair)          $30
  • Rack & fender eyelets (pair)         $30
  • Seatstay rack mounts (pair)          $30
  • Front derailleur hanger                 $25
  • Chain hanger                                 $20
  • Cable stop (each)                          $20
  • Cantilever studs (pair)                   $45
  • Cantilever cable hanger                $20
  • Disk brake mount (each)             $70

Frame Repair

Pricing includes labor only, materials are extra.

  • Dropout replacement (each)         $100
  • Dropout replacement (pair)          $150
  • Dent filled                                       $40
  • Main tube replaced                        $150
  • Frame alignment                           $40
  • Dropout alignment                        $10

S & S Couplings

Pricing includes professional installation and the appropriate S & S coupler wrench.

  • 2 couplings installed on a new A-train Cycles frame     $450
  • 2 couplers installed on a frame that is already built       $500
  • Couplers installed on a tandem or recumbent frame      Contact


  1. Shipping. If you are outside the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, you are responsible for all shipping costs incurred. Your frame will be shipped back to you only after you have paid for it.
  2. Parts. We prefer to get bare frames and forks with all the parts removed.  Try to remove as much as possible but if you are unable to remove the tricky parts (bottom bracket, headset, ect.) we will do it free of charge.
  3. Paint. Some of the paint/powdercoat on your frame will need to be removed before the welding process.  We do not offer any repainting services, however we can point you toward folks that do.
  4. Steel only. We do not offer this service for any material other than steel.
  5. Right of refusal. We reserve the right to refuse to work on any frame and/or fork, for any reason. If we refuse, we will be forthright and tell you why we’re not going to modify the frame.